Weenieville Painkeep Classic

Client FILES:

1. Custom maps, vwep pak, sounds, most everything you need to join. HERE (268mb - Updated September 2010)

2. nQuake, a spiffy collection of nice new models and textures all built into an installer for the most recent version of EZQuake.

3. Impulses.txt for crafting your personal cfg is included in the above PK zip.

To start fresh install nQuake, unzip the \Painkeep folder from the large zip linked above to your nQuake install, and you're ready to connect to weenieville.net!

Modded server code:
Most recent Source and qwprogs.dat running on Weenieville Painkeep Classic Server available HERE.
Thanks to Doc for cleaning up and re-organizing this code.

Changes from Team Evolve's Original Painkeep:

-Farts now do damage!
Watch out for the quadded guys!

-Beartraps can now be aimed.
You can now precisely aim the spot where you want to set your beartraps and turrets. If you want to sling them at
a foe simply look upwards and toss 'em like a grenade! If you want to set traps at, say, the top of a set of stairs simply
look down at the ground and fire the beartrap and it will deploy right near your crosshair. Tons of fun!

-Projectiles now teleport.
You can now shoot anything through the teleporters at the unsuspecting fool on the other side. Anything goes
except the harpoon, lightning, or bullets.

-Vwep support! Visible weapons: See what the other guy is gonna smoke you with!
Grab the client pk3 file here: http://sh.stonks.com/files/vwep.zip (2.7mb, extract pk3 in zip to \painkeep folder)
You must run EZQuake 1.9 or higher to read pk3 files. If you run another client you can open the pk3 and extract the
progs and textures folder to your \painkeep folder manually. Check out the screenshot here:
PK Visible Weapons Screenshots

-Callvoting of maps now! (Thanks to Niborevoli)
-bind a key to "impulse 96" to get a list of vote-able maps.
-to call the vote:
/painwalk-pk (or whatever map you want to call a vote for)
-to vote:
-may be some bugs still.

-Now with sound taunts! bind a key to "impulse 70" (Thanks to Niborevoli)
-Second taunt added, bind KEY "impulse 71"
-Well pulls though walls. Beware!
-Server recorded Multi-view demos. (Thanks to Vegetous, cleaned up by Doc)
To get the demos from the console:
/cmd demolist (shows a numbered list of demos
/cmd DL <demonumber>
-when viewing the demos your jump key changes the player you follow
and the fire key puts you in free float mode.

-Wells and sentries now work in water (fixed by Niborevoli)
-The harpoon is now MUCH more user friendly. You can actually grab
 goodies out of the lava. You can pull people towards you and then
 axe-murder them! :) Thanks to Niborevoli for this, very nice!
-Beartaps are not so easy to blow off with rockets anymore. Stock up on beans!
-Harpoon and axe are deadly! "kiss my axe!"
-Sentries are user friendly, they don't fire at owner... mostly
-Inventory maximums are different. You can carry:
6 traps
6 sentries
2 wells
3 beans

-Nails from both nailguns are less wimpy!
-rockets are slower.
-airfist is faster!
-traps, wells, and sentries fling out further when you throw them.
-Gravity well does some very different things to people and goodies ;)
-Beans give 150 health.